Renewable and CO2-neutral

Biomass is a valuable resource and an energy source that protects natural resources without burdening the environment with CO2. We make it possible to utilise this energy source by delivering the boiler part or the complete hot part for plants for the energetic utilisation of biomass.

We use different firing systems precisely aligned with the fuel. All of our grate systems offer safe handling of a wide range of fuel moistures due to adjustable combustion air pre-heating.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • CO2-neutral
  • Energetic utilisation of recycled wood

Biomass Power Plant Monopoli

Anlage Monopoli

Technical data:
Thermal input 42 MW
Steam output (max.) 49,5 t/h
Steam pressure 52 bar
Steam temperature 422° C
Supply water temperature 142° C

Biomass Power Plant Helbra

Biomasseheizkraftwerk Helbra

Technical data:
Thermal input 26,5 MW
Steam output (max.) 31 t/h
Steam pressure 52 bar
Steam temperature 420° C
Supply water temperature 130° C